Prayer Times:
29th June
Begin Jamaat
Fajr 02:49 04:00
Sunrise 04:47  
Dahwa Kubra 12:09  
Zuhr 13:12 13:30
Asr 18:44 19:00
Maghrib 21:29 21:29
Isha 22:44 22:55
1st Jummah   13:30
2nd Jummah   14:30
Prayer Times: 29th June Sunrise Fajr Dahwa Kubra Zuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
Begin 04:47 02:49 12:09 13:12 18:44 21:29 22:44
Jamaat   04:00   13:30 19:00 21:29 22:55
Jumma Prayers: 13:30 & 14:30

Our Vision

A new Executive Committee has been formed to provide the Muslims of Aylesbury a real alternative to bring about change in the way that our mosque is managed and the services that it provides. The Executive Committee has a real vision for the development of the mosque, and at its heart is the radical improvement of the Islamic education that is to be provided.

The following are just some of the aims of the current Executive Committee:

  • Provision of a much broader Islamic education which not only encompasses learning but development of our children’s Islamic identity.
  • Making specific educational provision for sisters.
  • To take on an English speaking Imam who will be tasked with engaging and attracting the youth back to the mosque.
  • To make the mosque inclusive of all Muslims, and not just those from the subcontinent.
  • To make the mosque a vibrant focal point of the community
  • To fundamentally change the mosque’s management structure; to ensure regular committee meetings are held and to allow public participation at those meetings; to introduce rules to automatically expel committee members who show a lack of interest by failing to attend meetings regularly and to impose a maximum continuous term that any President may serve.
  • Persuade the Trustees of the Saliheen Centre project to transfer the project to the mosque committee and to develop that expeditiously.
  • To develop an interactive website for the mosque and a database of our community