Prayer Times:
28th May
Begin Jamaat
Fajr 03:01 04:00
Sunrise 04:54  
Dahwa Kubra 12:06  
Zuhr 13:06 13:30
Asr 18:32 18:45
Maghrib 21:11 21:11
Isha 22:21 22:30
1st Jummah   13:30
2nd Jummah   14:30
Prayer Times: 28th May Sunrise Fajr Dahwa Kubra Zuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
Begin 04:54 03:01 12:06 13:06 18:32 21:11 22:21
Jamaat   04:00   13:30 18:45 21:11 22:30
Jumma Prayers: 13:30 & 14:30


Welcome to the Aylesbury Ghausia Mosque Recruitment section. If you have any questions please contact our recruitment team on [email protected]

We are committed to the delivery of a high quality educational experience for all learners that study here.

For this reason we welcome applications, at any time, from suitably qualified Male and Female candidates for the positions of Islamic Studies Teachers.

Current Vacancies:

Position: Imam x 2 positions available

Aylesbury Masjid is seeking to appoint two English speaking Imams to work alongside our existing Urdu speaking Imams. Aylesbury is a sizeable town located in Buckinghamshire and has a significant Muslim community primarily of Pakistani origin. The Masjid itself is a beautiful purpose built landmark building in the heart of the town. The Masjid executive entirely comprises of English speaking professionals who have a real vision for the development of the Masjid. At its heart is the Islamic education to be provided to our children.


The ideal candidates will be required to raise the profile of the Masjid and the Muslim community that it serves. The Imams will be expected to work pro-actively with the executive, act as spiritual guides and be the representatives of the congregation. They will be expected to establish themselves by leading Islamic activities and worship at the Masjid as well as generating new ideas and initiatives. The Imams will be expected to facilitate a variety of activities and events to promote religious awareness and Islamic values among adults, youth and the wider community. Working with the executive, the right candidates will show maturity, patience and a commitment to the overall objectives of the Masjid. There shall be potential for training and development in these posts, provided the selected candidates show reasonable competence, willingness and motivation to advance.

The duties and responsibilities of the Imams will include delivering an English sermon at Friday prayers, driving educational improvement and interfacing with the wider community. Further details of responsibilities are available in the job description. The ideal candidates must be fluent in English and Arabic with excellent knowledge of Aqeedah, Fiqh & Tajweed. They must be able to teach Arabic, Tafsir, Hadith and Sirah. The Imams must also be of Sunni (Bralevi) following.

Post 1

The ideal candidates will either be newly qualified or have up to 2 years previous experience (£18K to £24K) (negotiable and with 4 weeks paid leave.

Post 2

Minimum of 3 years experience (£25K to £35K) (negotiable and with 4 weeks paid leave).

If you have the necessary credentials and share our vision then please apply by sending your CV [email protected]

Please click here to download the Job Description.